Fri. Free Feature: Caténine


It’s the first week of classes here at ECU, and I feel like I’ve been juggling chainsaws.  It’s just a confluence of crap that occurs this time of year for me.  Next week should be better. I hope.

Caténine is a recording project of Massachusetts-based artist, Dylan Connor. It’s lo-fi jangle pop reminds me of the college radio days of the mid-late 80s.  Some people have comfort food; I have comfort music. It’s equal parts Cure-Ocean Blue-The Church with Dylan’s laconic, barely audible delivery. A perfect salve to slow the world down just enough to enjoy it.

It’s listed as pay-what-you-want, free or donate.  I suggest buying one of the limited edition cassettes if you’re into that. It comes in glittering gold and there are only 100 copies total, get it here.

Check out: “Felt”

Check out: “In the Village”

Download/Donate:  Caténine EP

Happy Friday!!!


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