Morning Mail: 17-AUG-13


It’s “move-in” weekend here in Greenville and it’s a mess–the rain doesn’t help either. Maybe today’s post will help some of you get through the today, as we’re featuring several free and pay-what-you-want releases. Enjoy!


Republic of LightsOther Couples Volume 2
Released on Bandcamp 17 August 2013
The dance rock band from Chicago is back with a ripe EP full of tunes to make you move. I wish I could be in Chicago for their release party at the Metro TONIGHT! This material must shine live. Pay what you want for Other Couples Volume 2 on Bandcamp.

“The Breakup Preset Shakeup”


WeekenderSpanish Peaks
Released on Bandcamp 19 March 2013
Weekender is a psych-rock band out of Philadelphia led by singer/guitarist, Derek Sheehan. The tracks on Spanish Peaks are loaded with atmosphere: fuzzy, droning guitars, airy vocals, and driving rhythms. This release grabs you and does not let go. It’s high on the repeat play factor.  Pay what you want for Spanish Peaks on Bandcamp

Spanish Peaks [free download]

No Help From Jesus [free download]


LegsLegs EP
Released independently on 12 August 2013 
Legs is a Brooklyn-based indie dance band. Their debut EP contains five tracks that fuse elements of disco, indie pop and funk.  Check out the up tempo track “High Time” and the super funky, “Touchtone“. You can get a free download of the entire EP here. Stream the entire album below.


Calling All AstronautsPost Modern Conspiracy
Released on Bandcamp 19 May 2013
Calling All Astronauts’ sneering brand of electropop questions and projects disdain for all things conventional.  It sounds like a modern day Iggy Pop supported by hook heavy grooves, monster guitar riffs, and lyrics that flip the finger to pretty much everyone. You’re too busy dancing to care. Pay what you want for Post Modern Conspiracy on Bandcamp.

“What’s So Good About”



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