Morning Mail: 16-AUG-13


Porcelain Raft – “The Way Out
from Permanent Signal
out 20 August on Secretly Canadian
A spectacular song from what promises to be an excellent sophomore effort from Mauro Remiddi.

Tiger Tsunami – “Spanish Nights[free download]
Released yesterday, “Spanish Nights” is a preview of what’s to come in 2014 from electronic producer, Christian Parker (aka Tiger Tsunami). The London-based artist has received support from the likes of Karma Kid and Deniro Farrar.  “Spanish Nights” is intricately blissful as it meanders somewhere in the ether. Get a free download of this track by liking Tiger Tsunami’s Facebook page.

To Kill A King – “Bones [free download]
from Cannibals With Cutlery – Deluxe Edition
out  7th October 2013 on Xtra Mile Recordings
“Bones” is gloomy, serious folk-pop that grabs you by the lapels and demands that you listen and replay. The London-based quintet is set to support Bastille on a tour through Europe.  Check tour dates here.

Let’s Away – “Blue
Pensive and quiet, “Blue” broods with synth atmosphere, muted shakers and delicate guitar notes. Pay what you want for their double A-side “Suitably Loose/You and I” on Bandcamp.  If you like “Blue”, check out their latest demo, “Bloodrush“.

The Rebel Light – “Jukebox Dream
The Rebel Light transport you back to the late 50’s/early 60’s with the breezy, California sound on “Jukebox Dream”.  Pay what you want for the single on Bandcamp.



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