Morning Mail: 15-AUG-13


The Parmesans – “Two Doves [free download]
from Wolf Eggs
released 6 August 2013
A neo-folk act out of the Bay Area, you can pay what you want for The Parmesans’ Wolf Eggs on Bandcamp.

Colour of Bone – “Keep It That Way
Fans of Elliott Smith will enjoy this track from this UK act, who depart from their heavier critically acclaimed singles “Low Mode” and “Itch”. Pick up “Keep It That Way” on Bandcamp.

The Hooded Claw – “Thunder Age Seven [free download]
The DIY artist wrote this song after his little girl was scared following a storm. On the psychedelic scale, it’s beyond trippy.

Wilder Eidolon – “Locked Out [free download]
Wilder Shafter is a DIY artist out of Maine.  We featured Wilder on our mix: No Limits or Boundaries Vol. 1. Cool synth tones buoy this very chilly track.

Scout“I Tell Myself
demo–bedroom recording
It’s seems like a million years ago when I saw Scout perform at the Beachcomber in Wellfleet, MA.  They released It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time the previous fall, and both my wife and I were enraptured.  We bought the CD at the show, and a few nights later, Scout was on Letterman.  Here’s Ashen Keilyn, all by herself, likely in her home and trying out something new. Lo-fi bedroom goodness.



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