Morning Mail: 13-Aug-13


Back from a family weekend in Williamsburg, VA.  Some guys with long hair were trying to enlist us in their struggle against British tyranny.  You can imagine their disappointment when I told them I was partial to Britpop… Anyway, enjoy these goodies from the inbox.

Mals Totem – “Gargantuan
from debut EP (TBN)
out 16 September 2013
These guys from Boston have some serious chops. “Gargantuan” starts off like Bends-era Radiohead before unleashing a prog-metal fury on your ears. It is gargantuan.  The video was recorded live in studio.

Poor Remy – “Wrecking Ball [free download]
from Bitters
out soon
This trio from Queens (by way of Ohio) unleash their brand of power pop Americana style on “Wrecking Ball.”  It’s FRESH. Check out their Bandcamp page, which features their debut EP, Still Sleeping.

Saint Motel – “Daydream/Wetdream/Nightmare
from Voyeur
released in 2012
Old album, new video.  The video is the work of Danish animator Sidsel Sorenson. It was hand-drawn and animated in pencil + ink, then layered with the digital backgrounds to add texture and an analogue look similar to the Voyeur album cover.



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