Summer Mix 2013

We’ve been enjoying our summer and this post is a welcome back of sorts.  Craig mixed up this gem, which is an assortment of indie rock and experimental pop. Enjoy!


The Dadada Summer Mix 2013 

Download all tracks in one zip (with cover art and track list)

1. yOya – I’ll be the Fire (from Go North)
2. Kithkin – Fallen Giants (single)
3. Kyle Andrews – Crystal Ball (from Brighter than the Sun)
4. Smith Westerns – Varsity (from Soft Will)
5. Banana Beach – Mobile Homes (from Window Licking)
6. Flaamingos – All I Wanna Do is Live (from Flaamingos)
7. Pinegrove – Namesake (from &)
8. Weapons of Audio – Mr. Wolfe (from Girl Crazy)
9. Brass Bed – I’ll Be There With Bells On (from The Secret Will Keep You)
10. Bass Drum of Death – Shattered Me (from Bass Drum of Death)
11. The Julie Ruin – Oh Come On (from Run Fast)
12. Trivial Shields – Enough (single)
13. Wise Blood – Universe is Blessed (from Id)
14. !!! – Slyd (from THRILLER)
15. Germany Germany – Youth (from Youth)
16. Moxi – Terrible Disguise (from In My Dreams)
17. Pigeonhed – Power Come Over Me (single)
18. Sensual Harassment – Make Me Human Again (from Escape From Alpha Draconis)
19. Freedom Fry – Friends + Enemies (single)
20. Glass Gang – Time (single)
21. Feral Children – Rewind the Rerun (from Too Much, Too Late)
22. Turnpike Glow – A Sentimental Song (from Fünke Pop)
23. The Baptist Generals – The Dog the Bit You (from Jackleg Devotional)

Download all tracks in one zip (with cover art and track list)



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