The New 07.03.13


Hausa – “Chrysanthemum” [mp3]
from Total, out now on Hardly Art
refer to themselves as a “Rock Music Performance Group”;  I say it sounds like The Cure’s Robert Smith performing with Jay Mascis.

Yassou Benedict – “The Cloisters” [mp3]
from In Fits In Dreams, out July 2nd on Be_easybaby Recrods
Sultry, burning, dreamy pop with tension and precision.


Wise Blood – “Universe Is Blessed” [mp3]
from Id, released June 25th on Dovecote Records
Pittsburgher Christopher Laufman lays out an intriguing collage of instruments and sounds to provide backdrop for his self-obsessed, deadpan, hip-hop delivery.  This tune is an ode to escapism.

Rose Windows – “Native Dreams” [mp3]
from The Sun Dogs, out now on Subpop Records
Seattle septet embraces primal grunge elements (e.g. Mother Love Bone), while imbuing their tunes with mysticism and psychedelia.


Hunx and his Punx – “Bad Skin” [mp3]
from Street Punk, out now on Hardly Art
Blitzkrieg bop from veteran street punks.

Metaform – “Letters to the Void” [mp3]
from The Midnight Machine, Part 1, released June 4th (available on bandcamp)
From the prologue of a trilogy of science fiction opera post-rock albums focusing on an expatriate’s life in Tokyo.  This song is “about releasing music from this far away land, this distant moon. It`s like tying letters to helium balloons and letting them go.”


Royal Forest – “Everyone Who Knows You” [mp3]
from Spillway, out July 9th on King Electric Records
Projecting from the Texas Hill Country, but not content with conventional recording styles, Royal Forest embrace all sorts of experimentation in allowing their songs to evolve and seek unique forms of expression.

The Julie Ruin – “Oh Come On” [mp3]
from Run Fast, out September 3rd
Scrappy New York garage rock inspired by Pixies.


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