Rebekah Todd Kickstarter

photo by Nolan Smock

photo by Nolan Smock

Greenville’s soulful singing sweetheart and Carolina Music Award nominee, Rebekah Todd, needs your help. The folk artist is in the process of funding her first LP via Kickstarter. We’re asking our audience to consider making a donation (whatever you can afford) and hopefully become a fan of one of our local talents.

Photo by Michael Wells @

Photo by Michael Wells @

Rebekah has offered all kinds of personalized gifts, but the best gifts you can receive are a personal thank you note and a copy of her album. That’s only $15 (just a suggestion).  Go ahead and donate as little as a dollar.  Donate $50 and get jars of her awesome peanut and almond butter (trust us it’s great). To invoke a cliché, every dollar counts and it’s getting down to the wire as Rebekah has less than 18 days left and still needs nearly $2000 to meet her goal.  If you’re familiar with the Kickstarter model, Rebekah needs to make her goal or all donations get returned. As of this writing, she’s about 60 percent there. Please check out her Kickstarter page for more information.

For those unfamiliar with Rebekah’s work, go ahead and check out her first album, Forget Me Not (below). You can pay what you want for it on Bandcamp. Read this review of Forget Me Not by Curtis LeBlanc of Indie Music Reviewer. We also enjoyed features on Rebekah from Drunken Werewolf and The East Carolinian.

Rebekah is an amazing live performer who channels her emotion so well. She can charm you in between songs, and make your head spin with powerful vocal style while performing. She’s wrapping up a tour of the southeastern US, consider seeing her at these venues.

Enjoy these performances:

Watch – “Wishing Well”

Check out: “Gallows”



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