The DIY Corner: 10-June-13

Another edition of DIY Corner featuring bedroom artists/home recording enthusiasts looking to share their material. They provide a little insight, and share a track or two with our audience. Enjoy!


There’s Talk – “Salt
from Tiny Strands
out July 2013
San Francisco musician, Olivia Lee, has an electronic/folk project under the moniker, There’s Talk. She recorded Tiny Strands with a friend in his converted garage studio. Ian Pellicci recorded the vocals and mixed the recording at his small studio in San Francisco called ‘Tiny Telephone’. “Salt” is the first release from Tiny Strands.

Sighs – “Radio”
single (Free on Bandcamp)
According to the artist, this song is dedicated to all those graveshift DJs and talk show hosts entertaining the insomniac masses. It’s written and recorded by a man only known to us as “Mart”.  He tell us, “All of the recording occurred in my London flat and was influenced by bands I love such as Pavement and Lemonheads, and of more recent times things like Christopher Owens and Harlem.” It’s easy to hear Pavement and The Lemonheads in “Radio.” DIY all the way.

Hooves – “Luna”
from the Luna EP
on Bandcamp
Dadada DIY faves and NYC-based Hooves are back at it again with the “Luna” EP.  Ken Herman & Daniel Kolpin recorded the EP in a bedroom using a DAW with some synths, guitars drums, percussion, and samples. Pay what you want for the EP on Bandcamp.

The Blood-Brain Barrier – “Halls of Fame
single [free download]
Our own Craig AKA C.L. Cucumber entirely re-recorded this track with some new twists. Recorded using a Zoom ZR8 and mixed in Garageband, Craig added new percussion and got Andrew Keeler to play a little banjo on the track. This final vision is closer to what Craig had in mind when he wrote it nearly a year ago. The lyrics are interwoven bits of dream and observations.



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