Morning Mail: 08-June-13

Blaze Foley’s Cold Cold World set for vinyl release

Blaze Cold

When he was killed 24 years ago, Blaze Foley was mostly known as a local act in Austin who was friendly with Townes Van Zandt. Foley was also a friend of Lucinda Williams, and served as inspiration for her song “Drunken Angel.”  Several of his songs have been covered by country and folk heavyweights. Merle Haggard recorded “If I Could Only Fly” and made it a hit. Lyle Lovett covered “Election Day” on his 2003 album My Baby Don’t Tolerate and his song “Clay Pigeons” was covered by John Prine (and by an amazing number of YouTubers) on Fair and Square.

Interest in Foley’s recordings grew steadily with the releases of Oval Room and Live at the Austin Outhouse. Now his album, Cold Cold World is set for a vinyl co-release through Secret Seven / Lost Art Records in July 2013. We offer “Small Town Hero” and “Cold Cold War” as previews.

“Small Town Hero”

“Cold Cold War”

Consider These…

Alex Escher Boger – “Last Call For You
single (free download)
Boger is an independent artist out of Santarém, Brazil. He recently recorded the folk-rocker “Last Call For You”, which recalls Cat Stevens and The Beatles in style.  He has several recordings available on his SoundCloud page. For a nice change of pace, check out “Tanto Faz“.

The Harvey Girls 2in1
Pay what you want on Bandcamp
Portland-based by way of Lawrence, KS, The Harvey Girls are Melissa Rodenbeek and Hiram Lucke. The duo record mostly experimental material and have been together since 2003. We featured I’ve Been Watching a Lot of Horror Movies Lately back in 2010, praising its inventive use of loops and samples. Their latest release pushes the boundaries a bit more as each track merges two separate recordings to form one song. Beats per minute, key and style were decided beforehand, but neither band could listent to the other’s composition before merging. We love the idea, and the products are gripping mixes of abstract jazz, electronic music, pop, and found sound. Music junkies and DIY types take notice.

Ex WifeNew Colors
through Bandcamp
An evolution of sound that was popular in late 80s – early 90s college radio. It combines elements of The Ocean Blue, My Bloody Valentine and The Cure. LOVE IT!



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