Morning Mail: 27-May-13


hunkydoryHuntronik“Baldy” [mp3]
from Huntronik
released 8 January 2013
Huntronik is a 3-piece band from Brooklyn that hover between the electronica and indie rock genres. Pick up their debut album on Bandcamp, where you can pay what you want for it.  Other tracks of interest are “Paradigm Shift” and the insanely frenetic, “Everyone is a Website.” It’s a fun, unfiltered album.

Secret Colours – “Black Hole”
from Peaches
out 28 May 2013 (that’s tomorrow people!)
The Chicago-based quartet’s sound is a sweet mix of Brit Pop and Psychedelia that’s candy to your ears. Not bubblegum, but a delight to the hypothalamus. If you like “Black Out”, check out ‘Freak’ here.

Shark Muffin – “Mermaid Sex Slave
from She-Gods of Champagne Valley!
released 17 April 2013
It’s campy garage pop, but you will love this Brooklyn-based trio. Stream the entire EP, here.

No Limits or Boundaries, Volume 1
In case you missed yesterday’s post, we have a new mix out, up for a week. Be sure to check out the artists (links to individual SoundCloud pages in yesterday’s post): 

Able Giant, All Things Bob, Blind Walker G, Caleb Selah, Cartoon Monster, Eerie Glue, Elaine Francis, Everyone is Dirty, Kev La Kat, Lesbian Horse, Lumin Bells, Origami Conspiracy, Ruspo, The Famous Bicycle Ride, The Hooded Claw, The Sleaves, The Yeti is a Sasquatch, Thirty Pounds of Bone, Wilder Eidolon,

Click DOWNLOAD for each individual track. The official mix is officially down for good.



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