NEW MIX: No Limits or Boundaries, Vol. 1


The No Limits or Boundaries Mix Series represents a chance to showcase relatively unknown or unrepresented artists whose music is available for free download through SoundCloud. Unlike past mixes, we share the SoundCloud links and a large mix mp3 (think of it as a podcast without speaking).  These are bands that have written to us or onto which we’ve stumbled as SoundCloud increasingly becomes part of our regular listening experience. The series takes its name from the Caleb Serah mashup of the same name.

If you like particular artists, download and visit their SoundCloud pages (just click the player or linked title) to check out more.  If you’re into a single mix of all songs, download this mp3 (link updated 17:34 on May 26). The single mix will only be available for a week, so get it while it lasts.

Now the artists:

1. Caleb Selah  – “No Limits or Boundaries”

2. Keeps – “Come with Me”

3. Able Giant – “Dilemma”

4. Umlomo – “#60”

5. Lumin Bells – “Hold You Inside”

6. Ruspo – “Belém, Belém”

7. Blind Walker G – “Will The House Be Dark”

8. Wilder Eidolon – “Aitch”

9. The Yeti is a Sasquatch – “Middleasia”

10. Wild Kingdom – “Another Day”

11. The Sleaves – No Man’s Land

12. Everyone Is Dirty – “SuperStreak”

13. The Hooded Claw – “Tame Moon”

14. Thirty Pounds of Bone – “The Truth of the Matter”

15. Cartoon Monster – “Nervousness Gift”

16. Eerie Glue – “I Don’t See It That Way”

17.  The Famous Bicycle Ride – “11:11”

18.  Kev La Kat – “Shake The Devil”

19.  All Things Bob – “Home”

20.  Origami Conspiracy – “1996”

21.  Elaine Frances – “Good Sense”



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