Snippet to Release “D.I.Y.”


On D.I.Y., Johnno Casson returns as his electropop persona, Snippet. Casson has a remarkable knack of developing music and channeling it through one of his three known aliases: Snippet, Old Tramp, and Johnno Casson. In a twelve month period, he has released an album from each alias; the latest to drop from Snippet on July 1 (Rash Records).

Snippet often favors electronic instruments, but is wont to pen quirky pop songs and cheeky electronic music. Old Tramp allows Casson to channel his funky old man, as it favors R&B dance hooks. Last year, an introspective Casson released Window Shopping under his own name. A charmingly soulful pop-folk album, Window Shopping found Casson reflecting on relationships, community, and his little corner of England, Essex County. It was one of my favorite albums from last year.

We’ve only had a few spins of it, but Snippet’s D.I.Y. seems to blend the three personalities. “Let’s Talk About Us” has groovy house party feel that really supports this observation. Other songs branch out in areas previously explored as Old Tramp and Johnno. Tracks like “Much Too Much” and “Absolutely Love” tread introspectively over pulsing bass lines and bits of rhythm, while funky sounds and political double entendres pock “Come to My Party.” After awhile, one realizes Casson has a broad palette with all kinds of textures and colors. Ultimately, whether he’s Snippet, Old Tramp or just himself, he’s Johnno the incredibly talented and prolific bloke from Colchester just trying to entertain you. It’s helluva life’s calling, eh?

Check out: “Absolutely Love

Watch: “Let’s Talk About Us

Stream Johnno Casson’s D.I.Y. in its entirety on SoundCloud



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