The New 05.21.13

Stripmall Architecture SR

Stripmall Architecture – “Commuter [mp3]
from Suburban Reverb, out June 18th, 2013
San Francisco’s foremost electro-glam pop collective follow up the excellent Feathersongs for Factory Girls (2011) with the highly anticipated Suburban Reverb.  This lead single lampoons the ritualistic depravity of the 9 – 5 commute, in typical elegant & polished SA style.

The Morals – Two songs from Music Tree Life Understanding, out now (available on bandcamp).
Captivating, stark ambient folk from Ontario trio; excellent vocals, superb production, and a truly original take on a well-treaded domain of Americana (e.g. Calexico, First Aid Kit).
The Morals – “Birds [mp3]

The Morals – “Noah Part 1 [mp3]

Way Yes

Way Yes – “Macando [mp3]
from Tog Pebbles, out now available on bandcamp
According to their Facebook page, Columbus, OH’s Way Yes describe “Macando” as a “self-loathing love song”.  The song is driven by strong rhythms and exhibits diverse & worldly instrumentation.  It’s feel-good music, but there are clouds gathering nearby…

Morningbell – “Yes Wonderful Things [mp3]
from Boa Noite, out May 21st, 2013.
Gainesville, Florida’s Morningbell have produced and abundant amount of wildly inventive and staunchly independent work over the past decade.  They have released six albums and four EPs (including a customized USB-only release & a choose-your-own-adventure album), while eschewing label support and pushing the boundaries of whimsical art pop.  Boa Noite was recorded at the band’s home studio and includes orchestral ensembles to back their indie rock instrumentation, resulting in sweeping and grandiose compositions that reveal many of their influences – from Charles Mingus to Claude Debussy to Curtis Mayfield.


Hani Zahra – “Cannibal Crime (Wait Wait Wait) [mp3]
from Along Those Lines, out now
Danceable, chillwaving psych-pop sounds like a collaboration between Animal Collective and of Montreal.

Freedom Fry – “Friends + Enemies [mp3]
from Friends + Enemies EP, out now
Channeling the sunny indie pop of contemporaries like STRFCKR and Passion Pit, this boy-girl duo hail from NYC but now make their base in Los Angeles; this vivacious, dreamy tune embodies East and West Coast grooves, while spanning the cultural divide of middle America.


HOWTH – “Superfreak [mp3]
from forthcoming album – title TBD
This Brooklyn quintet has produced some exquisite Americana-folk in the past few years; “Superfreak” suggest this forthcoming album may be their Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

Graham MacRae

Graham MacRae – “Game Changer [mp3]
from Dundrearies , out May 21st, 2013
With similarities to Bill Callahan’s Smog, Graham MacRae creates intimate and layered, erudite acoustic songs, with keyboard and electric guitars providing accompaniment.


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