The New 05.16.13

WeirdWeird. – “A New Beginning[mp3]
from Desert Love for Lonely Graves, out now.
Sepulchral, droning shoe-gaze from Roman trio. Available – name your price – on their bandcamp site. Well worth picking up if you like walls of ethereal, reverberating guitar spinning tales of impossible love and willing victims served over barren wilderness of drums, bass, and dirt-caked vocals.


Bird Names – “Flush It (The Great Broom)” [stream]
from Naming Names, out now.
Inspired weirdness from David Lineal’s Bird Names – Naming Names is his 7th album; the group features an evolving gallery of musicians that deliver whimsical, nuanced psychedelic pop that will make you want to don your eyeball-top hat and dance a gig – repeatedly!


Fields of Ohio – “Great Recession Watershed[mp3]
from (fields of ohio) – free download on bandcamp
They describe their music as “Lo-Fi Acoustic Beats from Ohio/ New York City –
Music for Fields”.  I say they sound like RATATAT if they were to engage in glue-sniffing (rather than ecstasy-eating).

Thomas McNeely – “Common Year [mp3]
DIY single
Thomas McNeely plays in numerous bands (That’s a Thing, Albert Adams, Decent Lovers, and the Honeycutters) around Asheville, NC  for a living, but enjoys throwing organ on top of acoustic guitar and incorporating iPhone drums and live percussion to explore his personal take on wry lyricism and traditional folk melodies.

Surly GatesSurly Gates – “Pisces[mp3]
from Surly Gates EP – free download on bandcamp
Sand-blasted, sun-burned acid rock that celebrates the Texas psychedlia legacy with wailing guitar, fuzzy farfisa, and lysergic vocals.  Branded a “Texi-cali Freakshow” by one Warren Sawyer.

Matthew Squires and the Learning Disorders – “Deer Song [mp3]
from How to Combust Your Life – ‘Pay What You Like” on bandcamp
Extremely likable and unassuming Texan that works with lots of different collaborators.  Of his music, Matt says, “I think, all things considered, the songs I write are much more listenable than the songs I don’t write.”


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