The Morning Mail: 15-May-13


album_400Manzanita Falls – “Crabgrass” [mp3]
from Vinyl Ghost
released 17 April 2013
At once brooding and bright, “Crabgrass” is a nice introduction to this Bay Area band’s debut album. Their sound brands your mind with intricate arrangements of Americana instruments and smoldering, intense lyrical imagery.  Pay what you want for Vinyl Ghost on Bandcamp.

Habits – “Hacksaw”
Trippy, neo-psychedelic electronic mess that appears cliché at first, and gets better with each second it plays.

Typhoon – “Dreams of Cannibalism [free download]
from White Lighter
out 20 August 2013
Portland-based band makes great use of its dynamic cast of instrumentalists, as “Dreams of Cannibalism” bursts with sound. I can’t believe we have to wait ’til August for this to drop.

No Middle Name – “When Forever Ends [free download]
A tastefully looped sample from “And I Love Her” and a nod to Serge Gainsbourg lure you into this song, which has an airy, summer afternoon feel. No Middle Name is The Title Sequence‘s David Bailey, who is planning to release the single “Another Season” this summer.



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