Discover: The Sleaves

The Sleaves

The Sleaves or the sleaves (everything in lower case) are the latest indie rock band to emerge from Greenville, NC. They are in the process of writing their first album, and sent along the single “No Man’s Land” for our audience. Its dark opening features Andrew Ditlevson plaintively murmuring–like an old Alice and Chains son– and then emerges as something more ethereal as Anne Ditlevson adds to the chorus. Add a glockenspiel and strings, and you have a winner! Nice work and another reason to be excited for the music scene in Greenville.

Check out – “No Man’s Land” [free download]

If you like “No Man’s Land”, go to’s Hertz Movin’ With Music and vote for the sleaves.  Winners get a cash prize and national exposure. Help a young band gain some notoriety!

Follow the sleaves on Facebook and SoundCloud



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