Afternoon Edition

Bedroom genre material from a couple of related acts.  It has me all goofy:

Cartoon Monster

Cartoon Monster

Cartoon Monster (Tory Fiterre) is a bedroom artist who has been going strong for well over a decade. It’s amazing that this is the first I’ve heard of him.  He has a monster collection of songs on SoundCloud, and several albums that you can name your price for on Bandcamp.

The vocals recall Mimicking Birds (or maybe Mimicking Birds recall Cartoon Monster), and there’s a playful energy to the music.

“Glowing Growing”

“Nervousness Gift”

“The Salish Sea”

Yie Yie

Yie Yie

Yie Yie (Heather Ziegler) is a California college student who has recorded for over two years now. Her eerie, ethereal music will put you into a hazy daze much like the sirens were able to conjure to entice Ulysses and his crew. Yie Yie has several free recording via her Bandcamp page. Check out her collaboration with Cartoon Monster’s Tory Fiterre, below.

“A Tall Tree”

“Toes Touch Grass”

Rabbit Heart

Straight from their Facebook page: “Rabbit Heart is the cozy creation of Tory Fiterre and Heather Ziegler. A mixture of fuzzy lofi and warm feelings, soft vocals and haunting melodies.” Exactly, go check them out on SoundCloud and Facebook.

“Leaf Boat”



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