Local Delights


Hey! back in the saddle after closing out the semester.  We have lots to drop on you this week, but thought we’d do it right and share some material from local folks this morning.  Check out Evan Kidd’s documentary, Spazz Out! Hear new demo tracks from Nolan Smock, and discover new material on Raleigh’s DiggUp Tapes label.

Evan Kidd’s Spazz Out!

Spazz Fest has passed us by this year, but its spirit still lingers in Evan Kidd’s “Spazz Out!”  Evan is a local documentary filmmaker who captured the heart of Spazz Fest 4, while providing a history of the festival.  The passion of Greenville’s music scene is captured well in this piece. A big thumbs up to Evan, who has a great eye with the camera and feel for sequencing. Watch the entire documentary, below.

Nolan Smock’s Kick Ass Demos

Late last month we featured the fuzzed out “Skinny Fucking Idiots” by Nolan Smock. The Charming Youngsters‘ frontman has taken to the bedroom to sketch out ideas in the midst of recording the band’s latest release.  It’s not clear if these are upcoming Youngsters’ tracks or side material, but Craig and I love what Smock’s doing on these tracks. Check them, below:

“On & On & On & On”

“Black Day”

“Brave Me”

Some Treats from DiggUp Tapes

Raleigh’s DiggUp Tapes has carefully developed a strong roster of local talent.  The label has a knack for identifying artists without much overlap, and round out the indie genre well with material appealing to those who yearn for the alternative, experimental, and the ‘pop’ varieties (e.g., dream, jangle). Enjoy the featured tracks below and check out their Bandcamp page for more.

Lilac Shadows – “Turn It Off”

T0W3RS – “Darla (I should just behave)”

Oulipo – “Offer Me” [free download]

Jenny Besetzt – “Dennison Corners”

Happy Monday!
Enjoy my latest mix of “Corked” [mp3]


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