Thedadada Spring Mix 2013

Thedadada Spring Mix 2013

Gapless mix of free and promotional indie rock songs in the key of spring. Click here to download ZIP file with all tracks and album art.

1. The VeilsDancing with the Tornado (from Time Stays, We Go)
2. AirstripPleasure Center (from Willing)
3. The Baptist GeneralsBroken Glass (from Jackleg Devotional to the Heart)
4. Dirty FencesWhite Lies (from Too High to Kross)
5. MudhoneyI Like it Small (from Vanishing Point)
6. Army NavyPickle (single)
7. Kurt VileWaking on a Pretty Day (from Waking on a Pretty Daze)
8. Pick a PiperAll Her Colours (from Pick a Piper)
9. Radiation CityZombies (from Animals in the Median)
10. The Gorgeous HandsDesperate Mainstream (from Tender)
11. JunipYour Life, Your Call (from Junip)
12. The MastUpUpUp (single)
13. PolytypeCyclone (from Basic//Complex)
14. Thee Oh SeesMinotaur (from Floating Coffin)
15. Sharks?California Girls (from Savior)
16. Ten KensWhen a Door Opens (from Namespeak)
17. Radical DadsMountain Town (from Rapid Reality)
18. Pony BoyGreatest Unknown (single)
19. Wildlife ControlAges Places (single)
20. Work DrugsSunset on High Street (from Work Drugs)
21. Youth LagoonDropla (from Wondrous Bughouse)


Warmest Cheers


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