The New 05.01.13


The Mast – “UpUpUp[mp3]
single – released May 29th: original and remixes available on bandcamp
Brooklyn-based duo build entrancing synth waves and heavy, primal rhythms as a backdrop for singer Halle Gafori delicate and delightful vocals.  This tune embraces electronica significantly more than the sounds on the band’s debut album, Wild Poppies, perhaps forging a new direction.

Polytype – “Cyclone[mp3]
from Basic//Complex, out this summer
Provo, UT bringing the soulful, scientific version of indie rock.

Dirty Fences

Dirty Fences – “White Lies[mp3]
from Too High to Kross out now on Volcom Entertainment
Raucous Brooklyn band seethes in acid, garage, and proto-punk rock – well-structured, fun, up tempo song.  Album cover draws me in….. (to a darkness?)

The Gorgeous Hands – “Desperate Mainstream[mp3]
from Tender, forthcoming – check out their Kickstarter page!
Clever and catchy rhythm-rock from Austin four-piece.

The Burrow – “Fear of the Second” [stream]
from Powdered Cows, out now
From the Windy City, contemporary gothic rock with a unique drone; it’s like the second coming of Interpol.


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