The Morning Mail: 29-April-2013

Broke For Free

Broke For Free – “Budding” [mp3]
from Gold Can Stay
released o4 December 2012
I guess I missed this release from the prolific Broke for Free aka Tom Cascino who glides along the trip-hop/chillwave divide some well. Get Gold Can Stay and several other releases on Bandcamp.

Black Lizard – “Love is a Lie” [free download]
from Black Lizard
released 05 April 2013 on Soliti
This is the second single from Black Lizard’s self-titled debut. The Helsinki outfit trip out in this neo-psychedelic sneer at love.

Thirty Pounds of Bone – “The Truth of the Matter” [free download]
from I Cannot Sing You Here, But For Songs Of Where
out 6 May 2013 on Armellodie
Alternative folk artist, Johnny Lamb, and “The Truth of the Matter” is the second single of his much anticipated sophomore release, I Cannot Sing You Here, But For Songs Of Where. Lamb continues to explore the significance of place in this mournful, stirring track.

Nolan Smock – “Skinny Fucking Idiots”
The Charming Youngsters‘ frontman unleashes a cathartic diatribe of fuzz.

Dan Deacon – “Konono Ripoff No.1”
A Record Store Day 7″
Released 20 April 2013
Sit tight through the Dan Deacon App commercial and ye shall be rewarded. The video is a stop action mess featuring the electronic wiz himself.

Happy Monday!


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