Afternoon Edition: 29-April-2013


Atoms for Peace – “Magic Beanz”
This sounds more like an idea than a complete track. Possibly an outtake from Amok?

Braids – “Amends”
from In Kind/Amends
out 10 June 2013
“Amends” is a bit more atmospheric than any of the releases from 2011’s Native Speaker. It pairs well with the rain outside my window.

Broke For FreeBroke For Free – “The Gold Lining” [mp3]
from Gold Can Stay
released 04 December 2012
Another great track from Gold Can Stay. I’ve been listening to it all day. I’m either too lazy to queue something else up or it’s too good to want to stop. Go get this album on Bandcamp and while you are there, check out other releases from Broke For Free.

Pinkunoizu – “Tin Can Valley” [free download]
from Second Amendment
out 6 May 2013
Danish four piece unleashes an amalgam of surf music and shoegazer that will have you spiraling in your seat.

Tunng – “So Far From Here”
from Turbines
out 17 June 2013
Choppy, hypnotic rhythms pervade “So Far From Here”. Tunng just keeps rolling along.



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