Sunday R&C: 28 April 2013

In this edition: Discover Diseases of the South, consider tracks from Delta Mainline, Frugal Father and RRayen, and watch videos from I’lls and Portugal the Man.

Discover: Diseases of the South


Diseases of the South is Ryan Holiday, who is currently based in greater Philadelphia. His latest, EP:One, is a self-release that would make Brian Eno smile. Loads of atmosphere and intricacy, the songs off this EP are by Holiday’s admission, “…not finished products; they are suggestions of what might be.” This approach provides the artist with the freedom of tinkering–adding and subtracting layers of loops and vocals to create multiple possibilities. In live performances, the idea expands with visual projections that operate under the same evolutionary standards.

It’s been a great journey for Mr. Holiday, who was born and raised in Heidelberg, Germany, and then moved to Los Angeles at the age of 17. Since his move to LA, he has criss-crossed the US, recording several albums and EPs before his latest incarnation as Diseases of the South. Over that time, he wrote and performed a musical, and also performed with jazz legend Fred Hersch. He is currently pursuing a degree in Music Theory and Composition at Rutgers University-Camden. His eclectic collection of experiences provide a rich palette from which to improvise and expand upon the songs of EP:One.

“The Nonbelievers” [free download]

“Speedline” [free download]

Consider These

Delta Mainline – “Misinformation”
from Oh! Enlightened
out 20 May 2013
Rollicking, buzzy track that will have you bouncing madly across the room. The Edinburgh-based septet ‘s “Radio” set is our SoundCloud set of the week. Go check it out here.

Frugal Father – “Red Headed Hipster”
from First Trim/Red Headed Hipster 7″
released 02 April 2013 
Electro-pop wizard Mac Welch is Frugal Father. The Colorado-based musician’s dark satire is more decadent than a double chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Pay what you want for it on Bandcamp, while you are there, check out the equally excellent, “First Trim”.

“Germenes” [mp3]
“99 Ovejas” [mp3]
from Insecta
released 16 April 2012
8-bit electronic abstractions that are inspired by the cosmos and all that is beyond earth (that’s my translation). Through this seemingly cacophonous arrangement of sound lies brilliance. RRayen is Maia Koenig out of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Insecta is a free download on Bandcamp.


“99 Ovejas”

Videos, videos, videos…

I’lls – “Plans Only Drawn”
from A Warm Reception
out May 2013
Entrancing sound from this trio from Melbourne, NSW (AU). Recalls Messrs Yorke and Greenwood’s contribution to modern rock music. Video directed & edited by Aidan McDonald

Portugal the Man – “Purple Yellow Red and Blue”
from Evil Friends
out 04 June 2013
First track from their new album, and you could’ve probably guessed that Danger Mouse produced this album. Sounds a bit like something from the Broken Bells album.



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