Afternoon Edition: 22-April-13


I’lls – “Plans Only Drawn”
from A Warm Reception
out May 2013
Entrancing sound from this trio out of Melbourne, NSW (AU). Recalls Messrs Yorke and Greenwood’s contribution to modern rock music.

The Kickback – “I’ll Hurt”
out now
Chicago-based, South Dakota bred. Billy and Danny Yost have a knack for making accessible, honest music.

The Rest – “Who Knows”
released 19 June 2012
Hearing this song again reminds me of how good this release was. Video produced and directed by Lee Skinner. Pick up SEESAW on Bandcamp.

New PornographersThe New Pornographers – “The Laws Have Changed” (Live on CBC Radio) [mp3]
from Electric Version
released May 6 2003
I put this up because I needed a New P’s fix. No other reason (well maybe another, but I won’t say).



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