Sunday R&C: 14-April-13

In this edition: Discover Pisces Rising and consider tracks from Heart Ships, Ramisco Maki Maki and Flutes.

Discover: Pisces Rising


The DIY spirit and artistic intuition of Pisces Rising sparks joy. The pairing of Raleigh-based singer-songwriters Arielle Bryant and Austin Moss proves to be a demonstration of synergy, as the duo produce something completely apart from past solo work while drawing upon each other’s strengths. Their brand of gypsy folk is fueled largely by strong songwriting, hauntingly beautiful harmonies, and a single acoustic guitar.  Subtle use of keyboards, tambourines and shakers pepper their self-titled EP, which is available on Bandcamp. Name your own price to support this talented twosome of troubadours.

Check out: “Human Syndrome” [mp3]

Download/Stream: Pisces Rising EP [Bandcamp]

Bryant and Moss played Greenville twice in the past three weeks, and continue to book shows throughout North Carolina. Check out their list of upcoming dates and follow them via social media, below.

Upcoming Dates:
Apr 27 – Earth Day Festival: Wilson, NC
May 3 – Slim’s Downtown: Raleigh, NC
May 4 – Yosefa’s AntiquiTEA: Boone, NC
May 10 – The Cave: Chapel Hill, NC
June 8 – Amplified Art: Raleigh, NC

Follow Pisces Rising:
Facebook | ReverbNation | Twitter | Bandcamp

Consider These

Flutes – “Kilburn”
from Flutes
The second single from Scotland’s Flutes features a subtle intro that splashes forth with harmonies and slow, emerging keys. A solid followup to the remarkable “Auld Archie.”

Ramisco Maki Maki – “Danger Danger”
from Squawk
released 4 March on Planet Groucho
This indie folk artist out of the Scottish Highlands mixes crunchy electro effects in this modern update of the chicken little story. We’re currently working on a full review of his new album Squawk. Preview–it’s pretty feckin’ spectacular.

Heart Ships – “Five Forks of Lightning”
from EP1
out 29 April 
On “Five Forks of Ligtning” the Leeds-based sextet soar on the fragile and unique vocals of Ryan Cooke. Video by Lianne Pierce, Nye Best & Nicholas Barnes.



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