FRIDAY FREE FEATURE: zerothehero – Nowhere

zerothehero - Nowhere - nowhereIN

Carlo Barreca is a DIY, poli-instrumentalist.  He plays bass in the Italian over-the-top, psychedelic/stoner/prog rock band Fungus, but records solo music as zerothehero (perhaps inspired by the Angels Eggs protagonist of Daevid Allen’s Gong).  Nowhere is his second full length and it showcases his writing, playing, and arranging skills.  Nowhere is a collection of headphone-worthy soundscapes that have percolated through Carlo’s musical mind over the past 3 – 4 years.  The opening track – March on Mars – is a psychedelic opus that would make the late Nick Mason smile.  Electric Sheep features some nice keys, guitar, and flute (and nods to the palpable Pink Floyd influence).  I include his submission notes below because they are colorful and informative.

Check Out: March on Mars [mp3]

Check Out: Electric Sheep  [mp3]

Download/Stream:  zerothehero – Nowhere

From Carlo:

What is nowhere? It’s a disk. Trivial answer, but that’s it; not the classic round disk, you can handle and touch before listening, but if you have a CD burner (and a printer for the cover) it can also become a disc in the old way. Otherwise, put it on your mp3 player, on your computer, on your car-stereo, wherever you want. It ‘s simple. You can even choose NOT to hear it.

The nine tracks of nowhere were composed and played in disparate moments, spread over at least three – four years. Some ideas have been “recycled” for fungus, from which I borrowed a drum loop.

I played it all, with the exception of percussion and batteries, all planned / looped by me. I mixed it all by myself. I did a mastering (well, I call it mastering!) still in total solitude.

Why is there this disc? Nowhere is not a necessary disk, if not for me. Sometimes ideas happen, and lead to a mechanism of obsessive enrichment and refinement until completion, until a shadow of dissatisfaction disappears.

Technical data: I played three electric basses (fender jazz classic 70’s, musicman stingray, squier fretless), electric guitar (yamaha pacifica), a plethora of plug-ins (I do not own a mellotron!), a flute, a chapman stick, a small acoustic guitar (Yamaha), the voice of the undersigned, a micro-intervention of a muted trumpet and electric violin. And a drum loop for which I thank the legendary Stefano Firpo. In order not to disturb anyone, I also realized the pictures of the pseudo-booklet. If you do not like them, you can not print them.

How much does it cost? Your time. I used my time to record it, in return take a few minutes to listen. And maybe a few seconds to criticize!

What does it mean nowhere? Once recorded the songs, I realized that it’s nine “landscapes” sound descriptions of non-places: suspended, often ethereal. At least, this is what I see when I play back my work.


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