The New 04.03.13


Junip – Your Life, Your Call [mp3] (from Junip, out April 23rd on Mute Records)
Second album from  José González’ experimental rock trio (featuring Elias Araya on drums and Tobias Winterkorn on keyboards) features a newfound mutability that evolved during protracted touring for the first album, Fields. The result is a  fun, portable record with excellent playing.

Lower Plenty – Nullarbor [mp3] (from Hard Rubbish, out April 1st on Fire Records)
Melancholy, halfhearted Australian roots-rock that’s appropriate for the kitchen table or whiskey on the back porch.


Austin Lee Wood – Archetypal Feeling (ii) [mp3] (from Ornia free EP, out nowon Alchemist Records; free download! – click here)
Deemed ‘Fake Rock’ and/or ‘Midi Rock’, the music of Austin Lee Wood display a deep, haunting resonance and a keen juxtaposition of neutered, electronic sounds and warm, organic melodies. The press release suggests inserting these songs in a playlist with tunes from “Japan’s ‘Tin Drum’, My Bloody Valentines ‘Loveless’, and David Bowie’s ‘Low’” – an apposite suggestion, I think.

Zomes – Cave Mountain Stream [mp3] (from Time Was, out April 16th on Thrill Jockey Records)
The one-man drone hypnotics of Asa Osborne evolve as he includes Swedish vocalist Hanna Olivegren (and an additional musician for live shows).  Cave Mountain Stream has all the eternal-journey-bliss of previous Zomes (albeit much sorter run-time), but with greater dimensionality and heft.  The song builds the tension of Dear Prudence, but never lets it go.


Louville – I Still Think of You From Time to Time [mp3] (from Louville EP, out April 3rd on Bad Taste Records)
Sheffield electronic trio that centers their musical creation around the environment – sampling sounds from a location and assembling an array of appropriate instruments that may be called upon in composition of the track.  They cite Four Tet, Fuck Buttons, Sigur Ros, and Tom Waits amongst their influences.


Pony Boy – GREATEST UNKNOWN [mp3] (single)
Marchelle Bradanini makes sultry, dusty Americana under the name Pony Boy.  Another thoroughly engaging single follows up Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings (featured back in October) and Not in This Town.  Hopefully an album is forthcoming.


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