Spazz Fest IV Sayonara


As I’ve mentioned before, it was the best year for the festival and next year promises to be better when considering the venues available to host. More attention from fans and media doesn’t hurt either. We’ve compiled live video footage, embeddable streams (Bandcamp/SoundCloud only), and legally available mp3s for artists who performed this year.

The Videos…

SpazzFester extraordinaire, Jonathan Harris, took lots of Spazz Fest video and then proceeded to share it on Facebook/YouTube. I thought I’d compile some of the better quality videos and share here–but owe a big shout to Jonathan, Will Patterson, and Craig for taking the time to capture these moments and sharing it with the rest of us.

Pre-Show and Fan Feel (video: Will Patterson)
This video reflects the fun before and during Spazz Fest

Des Ark at the Singer/Songwriter Round Robin (video: Jonathan Harris)
A lot of folks told me that the Des Ark performance was one of the ‘must see’ events. Sorry I missed it. I was limited to late night action.

On The Water at the Singer/Songwriter Round Robin (video: Jonathan Harris)
It’s really Fletcher VanVliet solo, but VanVliet and the rest of this band Philadelphia impressed the SpazzFest faithful. VanVliet puts everything into his performance, although he’s toned it down a bit for this East Coast Music and Video performance.

Pisces Rising at the Singer/Songwriter Round Robin (video: Jonathan Harris)
Longtime Greenville music stalwart Arielle Bryant joins Austin Moss to form Pisces Rising. Get yo’ Gypsy Folk on…

Norwegian Arms at Peasant’s Pub, Night 2 
Norwegian Arms was sandwiched between two other great acts from Philly: On the Water and Dangerous Ponies. By the time this trio of acts were finished, the crowd was boiling over.

video #1 (captured by Craig aka CL CUCUMBER)

video #2 (captured by Craig aka CL CUCUMBER)

Sam Herring (Future Islands) Freestyling at the Christy’s Day Rager (video: Jonathan Harris)
I think some folks were left slack-jawed by Sam after this performance.

Future Islands closing act at Peasant’s Pub, Night 3 (video: Jonathan Harris)
This is the opening and, as a good friend of ours put it, “10 seconds in to this video when the song kicks in and the lights go up…chills.” They closed SPAZZFEST out as only Future Islands could.

The Music

I’ve tried to compile as much music as I can find from performers at SpazzFest IV. What’s great about SpazzFest is that there is something for everyone: Experimental, Indie, Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Metal, Hip Hop, etc. If you like what you hear, please support them by contributing money/purchasing their music and merchandise!

It’s in approximate alphabetical order with first names of bands or people ordered and disregard for ‘The” before the band name. We’ve only featured one album, where in some cases, bands have a few releases on Bandcamp. Click through to get to their Bandcamp page.

If you’re a SpazzFest IV artist that has Bandcamp or even SoundCloud links we missed, please let us know, we’ll add you. We can also stream mp3s (with or without download) if authorized.

-Aether Realm-

-Alex Bleeker and the Freaks-

“Animal Tracks” [mp3]


“Loxtep” [mp3]

-The Capital-

-Dangerous Ponies-

-Des Ark-

-Drag Your Chains-


-Future Islands-

“Vireo’s Eye” (Live @KEXP) [mp3]


-Height with Friends-


-Jenny Besetzt-

-The Lollipops-

-Lonnie Walker-

“Summertime” [mp3]

-The Love Language-

“Heart to Tell” [mp3]

-Matt Phillips & The Philharmonic-

-Miking Mihrab-

-Mount Moon-

-The National Rifle-

-Norwegian Arms-

-On the Water-

-Pisces Rising- 

-Sinai Vessel-



-Wing Dam-



3 responses to “Spazz Fest IV Sayonara

  1. Thanks for compiling this. Awesome.
    Also, way to go for a music blog featuring Greenville.
    I expect I will write something eventually. I am entertained by Greenville musics.

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