Sunday R&C: 31-MAR-13

In this edition: a DIY Corner with Owl Fly South, Cedar Waxwing and Anne-Marie Sanderson. Videos from Ann Pragg, Fossil Collective, Real Ones, and Anne-Marie Sanderson.

DIY Corner


Owl Fly South

Owl Fly South is a four-piece garage/psych/pop outfit from UCLA just released a new song, “Blink (Incandescent Days)”, that they’ve asked us to share. Everything on this track was recorded separately. They received production assistance from Joseph Lorge (of fellow UCLA group, Alto) and recorded basic tracks in the REAL Lab at UC Irvine. The rest was recorded in their rehearsal space (vocals), at a band member’s house (bass), and the UCLA studio (guitar, more vocals, more drums, keys).
We always ask bands to provide us information about their recording process and Owl Fly South offers this peep into “Blink (Incandescent Days)” :
“There are tons of sounds all over this track, from mellotrons to organs to lots of weird guitar sounds….we even pulled feedback we recorded from another track to use on “Blink,” which you can hear in the first verse. In general, we wanted the tune to feel life it was recorded to something like a Tascam 388, which you can hear on lots of the mid-2000s psych records from San Francisco, like Ty Segall’s self-titled record (though ours doesn’t feature distortion so extreme). That’s why there’s such an emphasis on midrange, and everything feels a little surreal and “underwater.” My favorite part is the cowbell, which comes from an ’80s Yamaha drum machine run through an Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail pedal.”

Blink (Incandescent Days)[mp3]

The b-side to “Blink” is “Castle (Amplified)”, which again is loaded with layers of sound–vocals with effects, pounding keys, fuzzed out guitars, drums, the mellotron is in there somewhere; it’s like progressive, psychedelic fuzz rock. Check them out on Facebook.

“Castle (Amplified Prayer)” [free download]

Cedar Waxwing

I am not sure how I stumbled onto Cedar Waxwing (aka Eric Wong), but I am digging what he’s producing, and currently love one of his new tracks, “Tree of Life.” The San Franciscan refers to himself as a “a do-it-yourself, forward thinking, retro loving, passion seeking, guitar strumming, noise generating, self-harmonizing, slick looking bird with a really annoying voice.” I’ll disagree with that last part of the description.

He has a goal of recording a song a week, and like many home-recording enthusiasts, he’s finding the recording/mixing process challenging. Tracks are recorded and mixed on an Ipad, which is difficult in itself. Learn more about his set up and hear other tracks on Cedar Waxwing’s SoundCloud page.

“Tree of Life” [free download]

Anne-Marie Sanderson

Dream folk artist Anne-Marie Sanderson is a British expatriate living in Portland, Oregon. She’s set to release the EP, Eloquence on April 13. The tracks “Endless Eyes” and “Blue Room” were recorded at home. The recordings are impeccable, finding the right balance between her beautiful voice and instrument. I love the use of backing vocals as accents on “Endless Eyes.” Check out “Blue Room” in videos below.

Eloquence will be released as a limited edition of 300, packaged in recycled cardboard sleeves, each hand-printed with Anne-Marie’s own hand-carved linocut design. Release details and other information about Anne-Marie can be found on her website.

“Endless Eyes”

Weak Soul Patch returns

Once again, I try my hand at songwriting and recording. Considering the fine work of the artists above, I sheepishly share “Corked.” It is the proverbial “work in progress.” This demo version is just a guitar and me. I am hoping to enlist some Greenville friends to contribute beyond that. If that recording ever happens, I’ll be sure to share. My vocals and Martin D15m were recorded using a pair of condenser mics run through a PreSonus Audiobox. Mixed in Garageband.

“Corked” was written following the death of Jason Molina. I was pretty sad when I found out about it, and wrote the song within an hour of learning about his passing. Unlike the character in this song, I’ve learned the Molina tried several times to get sober. Unfortunately, he damaged himself beyond repair. He was such a brilliant songwriter.

“Corked” [free download]

Videos, videos, videos…

Ann Pragg – “Demolition Dust”
from Bitter Fruit
out May 7 on Wonderland Archives
This surreal video accentuates the dark, detached nature of “Demolition Dust.”

Fossil Collective – “Wolves”
from Tell Where I Lie
out 8 April on Dirty Hit
Where is Liam Neeson when you need him? We are eagerly anticipating the release of Tell Where I Lie.

Real Ones – “Separation Blues”
from Tonight Only Tonight
out soon
The Norwegian band’s stop motion video was created from over 2000 photos. “Separation Blues” plays like nervous guitar pop with lyrics that capture the confusion of a break up.

Anne-Marie Sanderson – “Blue Room”
from Eloquence
out 13 April
Beautiful voice, eloquent guitar playing, and poetic lyrics; it’s amazing that she recorded this track at home.



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