The Morning Mail: 30-MAR-13

An eclectic set of tracks from the inbox that grabbed our attention this morning:

Ann Pragg

Ann Pragg

Ann Pragg – ““Demolition Dust” [mp3]
from Bitter Fruit
out May 7 on Wonderland Archives
Dark, detached track from Matt Radick (Holopaw, Blood River). The Gainesville, Florida product creates introspective, lyrically intimate songs that blend folk and modern ambience.

Fossil Collective – “Wolves”
from Tell Where I Lie
out 8 April on Dirty Hit
Spacey opening leads into a great highway driving tune. Easy listening with sweet harmonies, “Wolves” recalls the music of the early seventies “A.M. radio” era.

People Person – “Frances”
from Dumb Supper
out soon on Post-Echo
Jessica Oliver sings softly over her guitar. The faint buzzing feigns something more, as if the song will turn and buzzsaw through your ears, but it ends sweetly. The trio from Columbia, SC just returned from SXSW. “Frances” is a bit of a departure or slow down from their usual 60s girl group gone pop punk/fuzz.

Shannon Wright – “The Caustic Light” [free download]
from In Film Sound
out 7 May on Ernest Jenning Record Co.
Marked by a dark, deliberate opening, “The Caustic Light” explodes with power chords and cymbal smashing. “In Film Sound” marks Wright’s eighth release.

Small Houses

Small Houses – “Oh, Hiding Out [mp3]
from Exactly Where You Wanted To Be
released 26 February on Yer Bird
“Oh, Hiding Out”  is an amazing demonstration of songwriting and composition. Small Houses’ Jeremy Quentin  is emotive without forcing emotion and plaintive without being plain and worn. Pick up Exactly Where You Wanted To Be on Bandcamp.

Theo Verney – “Moving Forever”
from TV EP Cassette
out 15 April 2013
“Moving Forever” is grungie psych rock that perks up the ears. Verney recorded the entire track himself, and is set to hit the stage with a full band. Check out other material on Bandcamp.

Victory – “Woman”
from Victory is Music
released 28 March
The mid-eighties pop feel of “Woman” is more than just a nostalgic take on a bygone era. This is a carefully crafted multi-track recording that will have recording enthusiasts wondering just how many tracks were used to develop it. Let’s see at least 3 guitar tracks, a bass track, 4 vocal tracks, drums, synth–10? Anyway, it’s a solid pop tune that reflects a lost art in recording.



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