The New 03.20.13


The Cannanes –Crawler [mp3] (from Small Batch EP, out  March 19th on / Lamingtone)
Stalwart Australian staples for almost 30 years, this duo puts the ‘indie’ in indie rock.  Maybe someday they’ll break like R.E.M.

Sun Angle – Time Snakes (from Diamond Junk, out May 7th on New Moss)
Crazy-good experimental pop that builds titillating tension and soaring melodies amidst chaotic rhythms.  Produced by Danny Seim of Menomena.


Heavy Hawaii – Airborne Kawasaki [mp3] (from Goosebumps, out March 19th on Art Fag Records)
San Diego duo makes sunny, carefree, surf-inspired dream pop with a bit of doo-wop.

The Bottlecap Boys – East to West [mp3] (from East to West, out April 19th on Wonder Ballroom)
Portland Americana-folk toupe have drawn comparisons to Avett Brothers and Mumford & Sons.   

DC544_gatefold_OUT_201112 FIX3

Ensemble Pearl – Painting on a Corpse [mp3] (from Ensemble Pearl, out March 19th on Drag City)
Cinematic gloom from the cosmic union of Atsuo, Kurihara, Herzog, and O’Malley (former members of Sun O))) and Boris).


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