TONIGHT: Quiet Life invades Tipsy

Quiet Life

The Quiet Life is in town tonight for a set and they are supported by local product Marshall Ess Harker. The five-piece act formed in New London (CT) and currently call Portland (OR), home. At the heart of it all are the Spellman brothers, Sean and Lenny (Ryan), who formed the band several years ago. The current incarnation have a penchant for California “Canyon Rock”, which means fans of The Band will be really happy. Locally, all you folks who follow the Avett Brothers should check this band out.

Doors open at 8 pm. Cost is $5. See a good band and have a good time before ECU lets out for break.

San Luis Obispo

Skin and Bones

Watch: “Devil’s Kin”

More Quiet Life on Live Music Archive.

Check out Marshall Ess Harker – “I Think I Am (REAL)” 
cool freak folk/found sound vibe to this…



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