Local Music Matters

Love Music, Love Our Music Scene

EvanLocal indie filmmaker, Evan Kidd is working to create a documentary film on this year’s Spazz Fest.  He is partnering with Jeff Blinder of SPAZZ Presents to produce a short documentary film of this year’s festival, and why it is important to the Greenville Music-Scene. Spazz brings talent from all over in addition to featuring some of Greenville’s best musicians. It is a fantastic opportunity for our city’s local culture, economy, and art scene. Additional proceeds from all the shows this year will go towards keeping The Tipsy Teapot‘s doors open, which in turn keeps bands and artists playing year-round. This project isn’t just mine, or Jeff’s, or anyones. It belongs to Greenville, and anyone else with a passion for local music.

Evan has launched a small, yet slightly ambitious Indiegogo campaign to gather some funding for said film. He needs funding to help pay for expenses such as gear, crew, transportation, and similar things. He wants to raise $850 in before March 19 to ensure that he will have the equipment necessary to make the film a reality. Evan has a strong commitment to drawing attention to Greenville’s music scene and the people who drive it. A scene that is largely underground and not well known, but with passionate musicians and devoted patrons. Check out the Indiegogo page for additional info, and lets make Evan’s film happen!

Check out Evan’s film: “Musically Bound: A Story of Local Music”

Check out local Greenville Artists, The Yeti is a Sasquatch – “Wakey Wakey”



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