Afternoon Edition: 05-Mar-13


Braves – “Sadko in the Underwater Kingdom” (free download)
from Sorrow (EP)
released 1 February on Bandcamp
This one came along at the right time for me. The trio from Perth, Australia deliver lo-fi, surf music that’s got enough twee to make it too irresistible to pass. You can download each song on SoundCloud or Bandcamp. While you’re there, also check out and download (it’s free!), the “Saw You”/”Not Saying” double single.

Francois Peglau – “Dubai”
from Second Album Crisis
out May 2013
Francois Peglau has been busy collaborating, writing, traveling and releasing videos for tracks from his first album, The Imminent Failure of Francois Peglau. The London-based, Peruvian expat introduces the single “Dubai.” A tongue-and-cheek take on the excesses and absurdities that go along with that city. You can get a free copy of “Dubai” for a limited time, here.

Watch: “Dubai”

Wake Owl – “Wild Country”
from Wild Country EP
out 15 April 2013
Led by singer-songwriter Colyn Cameron, Wake Owl deftly mixes elements of country, folk, and pop in his heartfelt, reflective lyrics.



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