Spazz Fest 4 Preview #1


We’re about three weeks away from the kick off for Spazz Fest 4, as it’s scheduled for March 21-24. If you haven’t noticed already, we’ve updated the page to reflect the details about each night with line-ups. It’s a work in progress, and we’ll continue to update the page with details about each night and other information related to this year’s Spazz Fest.

This is the biggest and arguably best year of the festival, which draws attention to our growing music scene in Greenville, NC. Once again, there’s a mix of local, regional, and national acts for folks to enjoy.

Be sure to check our Spazz Fest page out, and read the FAQs and other details important to that weekend–advance tickets are being sold for the biggest shows, and it’s important that you read this beforehand–you could get shut out!

In anticipation of the four day festival, we’ll be doing several previews of different artists playing Spazz Fest. Here’s our first:

SPAZZFEST 4 Preview 1

Future Islands

Future Islands – Night 3 at Peasant’s Pub
Emerging from Greenville and exploding out of Baltimore, Future Islands returns to the Spazz Fest stage on Saturday, March 23. This is a rare date for the band, who are at work on their fourth album.

Check out: “Balance” from On the Water


The Love Language – Day Rager/Melt your face off Night 3 at Christy’s Europub
Stuart McLamb started as a project of catharsis, and became a band in the process. McLamb’s first recordings were solo tracks intended to help McLamb get his bearings following some failed relationships and ensuing reckless behavior. Those initial tracks informed his 2009 debut, The Love Language. Spurred to move forward with his life, he assembled a group to record his second album, Libraries, in 2010 on Merge Records.

Check out: “Summer Dust” from Libraries


Annuals – Night 2 at Peasant’s Pub
The Raleigh area act headlines Night 2 at Peasant’s Pub, where they’ll take you along on a journey that’s produced five recordings over six years. Complex indie rock that draws on elements of freak folk, electronica, hip hop and other genres, it’s easy to get lost in their music.

Check out: “Sweet Sister” from the Sweet Sister EP

More previews to come! Stay tuned!


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