The New 02.26.13

STRFKR – While I’m Alive [mp3] (from Miracle Mile, out Feb 18th  on Polyvinyl)
The future electro-funk of the band previously known as Starfucker gets an extra dose sugar-coated pop for their new album Miracle Mile.  Intriguing and fun record without a bad song among the bunch.

Metal MotherPrism [mp3] (from IONIKA, out April 16th on Post Primal)
Taara Tati’s music is contemporary electro-pop with a hint of chillwave and lots of shadow. The lead single from the forthcoming IONIKA conjures existential craving and quiet resolve.


Beach Fossils – Careless [mp3] (from Clash the Truth, out Feb 18th on Captured Tracks)
Frenzied indie-goth-pop with lots of guitar banter. Moving away from DIY-bedroom pop, the new album attempts to capture the punk aggression of their live performances.

Grave Babies – Over and Under Ground [mp3] (from Crusher, out Feb 26th on Subpop)
Walls of barmy sound emit from Grave Babies.

Horsehands – Tin Horn [mp3] (from Sirs, out now)
Boston has Horsehands – and they are crazy, bombastic, genre-jumping, tempo-switching iconoclasts.  Click here to explore their album on the bandcamp.

Solvents – Carless Step [mp3] (from Ghetto Moon, out now)
Husband-wife team make earnest Americana with a peppering of guitar and violin to back aching vocals.


Inspired & the Sleep – Sink [mp3] (single, just released by Bad Panda Records)
The Eyelid Kid continues to crank out innovative, loop-based psych-pop of an evolving form. This new song follows Max Greenhalgh’s established protocol – staying up late to maintain inspiration before a night of somnambulance renders one a dream-blasted, motion-going mush – with what he professes is a new approach to song-writing.  I hear a tad more sweetness, myself.

Gray Young – Canopy Reflected [mp3] (from Bonfire, out now)
Raleigh, NC post-rockers make intense & accessible music with a nice glossy sheen.

Iceage – Coalition [mp3] (from You’re Nothing, out now on Matador)
Sophomore album from Danish punks is vital.

Fire and Frost – All Again [stream, mp3] (single)
Kevin Moss (AKA K-Sonix) is a journeyman guitarist & singer from Atlanta bands of days gone-by (Drop Sonic, Christine Keeler Affair). He releases acoustic/electric stuff periodically – this one is a bit of grunge ballad, showcasing the optimism and wonder of a 40-something.


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