The Morning Mail: 25-Feb-2013


Let’s see if we can get back into the swing of things… busy, busy with real world stuff. All is well, just miss bloggin’ or bloggerin’ as our man in Brooklyn, Tsuru likes to say.

Consider These…

Dan Croll – “Compliment Your Soul”
out 1 April
Easy island feel from Croll, who keeps expanding his sound while making innovative, yet accessible pop music.

Marika Hackman – “I’ll Borrow Time”
from That Iron Taste
out 25 February on Dirty Hit
Oddly enchanting tune that fades from lo-fi to lucid, hi-fi studio sound. Marika’s detached affect adds to the allure. Check out her cover of “Lithium” here.

Kill Van Kulls – “Rule the Night”
from Wooden Heart (EP)
out 18 March on Label
Flipping Manchester (UK) keeps producing bands that grab your attention. Popped open the email box this morning and this slipped out gently. Well developed harmonies, enchanting melody, and choruses that will grab your attention. Reminiscent of the great pop anthems coming out of the UK in the mid-80s.

Videos, videos, videos…

The Shilohs -“The Place Where Nobody Knows I Go”
from So Wild
released 5 February 2013
Sometimes the space between our ears is all we need. “The Place Where Nobody Knows I Go” plays like Wilco gone power pop; it’s a lot of fun. I’ve had a few spins of So Wild too, and can’t believe how much growth this band has experienced since their self-titled debut on Cakes-n-Tapes (pick it up: name your price). Stream and purchase the entire album on Bandcamp; it’s worth every coin. Directed by Ian Perlman.

Glow Marrow – “Bear Creek”
from Braver Days (EP)
out 5 March 
LA based duo revives the POP in synth pop. Somewhere Howard Jones is smiling.

Heyerdahl – “Mirage”
from ØEN
released 28 January on Red Eye Transit
Betcha she went to Texas, damned Armadillos. Video directed by Thor Brenne. The Oslo-based quartet is making their US performance debut by jumping into the SXSW fray with a few warm-up shows in NYC. Follow them on Facebook.



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