Something for Later Volume 9

Something for Later Volume 9New installment in the mix series that focuses on experimental rock, avant garde pop, electronica, and freak folk.  Click here to download a ZIP file with all tracks and cover art.

Something for Later Volume 9
1. Dan Deacon – Lots (from America)
2. Dada Trash Collage – Up and Down (from Can’t Pause People)
3. Chelsea Light Moving – Burroughs (single)
4. Trabajo – Black Practice (from Black Practice)
5. The Soft Moon – Insides (from Zeros)
6. Talk Normal – Cover (from Sunshine)
7. Jalil – Waste a lot of Things (from Traps)
8. Gospel Claws – Looming Darkness (from Put Your Sunshine Away)
9. Matmos – Teen Paranormal Romance (from The Marriage of True Minds)
10. Wes Willenbring – Consequences of Recklessness (single)
11. The Bear and the Sea – Sandblonde (from Trees Like You)
12. Stubborn Heart – Need Someone (from Stubborn Heart)
13. Tape Deck Mountain – kellies (from Slow Salvation)
14. B. Durazzo – Catacombs (from Beats, Vol. 2)
15. theclosing – box (single)
16. Diggs Duke – Nine Winning Wives (from Mass Exodus)
17. Reuben and the Dark – Shoulderblade (single)
18. Tin Hat – unchanging (from The Rain is a Handsome Animal)
19. Softoft Techech – Sonic Tooth (single)
20. Busdriver ft. Dasracist – Fire Hydrant ( from Arguments with Dreams)
21. The Music Tapes – Plays Everything (from Mary’s Voice)

Cheers, Craig


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