The New 02.19.13

Kurt-Vile-Wakin-On-A-Pretty-Daze-608x608Kurt Vile – Wakin on a Pretty Day [mp3] (from Wakin on a Pretty Daze, out April 9th on Matador)
This lackadaisical opus is the lead single from the Philly songwriter’s forthcoming 5th full length album.  The song teems with a lazy intensity and nostalgic timbre.

Tom Morgan – One True Love [mp3] (from Orange Syringe, out this month on Fire Records)
Acoustic rock from Australia – ominous hues and dark imagery.

Plates of Cake
Plates of Cake – Late Last London [mp3] (from Teenage Evil, out March 26th on Uninhabitable Mansions)
Bouncy rocker from Brooklyn quartet.  “‘Late Last London’ kicks off our new record and sets the stage for the rest of the album,” the band tells the website Spinner. “This particular jam is replete with roving bands of teens prowling the streets out for blood, palm-reading gypsy children, a girl who traps miners, an unfortunate wreath-hanging accident and, of course, an epic flood.”

Glorie – Sunshine then Nightmares [mp3] (from Falling EP, out March 6th)
Instrumental band from Memphis that embraces and cinematic approach to post-rock, with lush layers of strings, synth, guitar, piano, and vibraphone bounding out engaging and evolving melodies.

Brass Bed – I’ll Be There With Bells On [mp3] (from The Secret Will Keep You, out April 23rd)
The new collection of songs that comprise this Lafayette, Louisiana band’s third studio album maintains the playful poppiness that has become their mainstay.  But, vetting the songs through a brutal touring schedule has imbued them with a raw energy and biting edge that serve’s Brass Bed well.


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