Late Night Dispatches


I Said Yes – “Follow On”
from I Said Yes EP
out 11 March 2013
“Follow On” is simply sublime. Beautifully arranged with chirping guitar chords, well-placed horns, and splish-splashy cymbals. If this doesn’t put a skip in your step, you should go directly to the morgue. Check out more I Said Yes here. Cheers to our tipster from Essex.

Android Angel – “Her Shoulders”
from Lie Back and Think of England
out later this year
Wow! Something completely different from Android Angel. It lacks the clever hooks and guitar drive of past releases. It’s out there in the electronic ether. There is so much atmosphere on this track, such great mood. Paul Coltofeanu should work the farms in eastern Europe more often.

Mr Fogg – “Headlock”
out 11 March on Kicking Ink
Rhythmic electronics drive this track, which concludes with a wash of hooks. love, love, love it!



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