Sunday Ramblings & Considerations

We’re recovering from the My Bloody Valentine angst that took over the internet last night. Did you get a copy? Sounds like it was recorded in 1993, at least we know it was written at that time. Well, Loveless is often referred to as ‘timeless’. The shoegaze pioneers come out okay on MBV. It’s not as epic as some fans would expect, but is anything? Anyway, it’s Sunday and we have our usual runabout with songs and videos.

In this edition: We preview Johnno Casson’s Window Dressing remix album; tracks from Caveman, Grudle Bay, Knocking Ghost and Flamingo; and videos from Spark Alaska, Depeche Mode, and Yo La Tengo.

Johnno Casson – Window Dressing


One of our favorite albums from 2012 was Window Shopping by Johnno Casson. Window Shopping centered around Casson’s home city of Essex with observations of the culture and life that surrounds it. The album returns remixed and renamed as Window Dressing, enlisting the diverse talents from a community of fellow musicians to which Casson belongs. Remixes were performed by the likes of PulcoPete McPartland (of The Big I Am), Orwell, Wim Oudijk, Ian Thistlewaite, Kevin Pearce, Bobby Wotnot, Butcher’s Prime Cuts, Tom Robinson, Oliver Summers, and Dementio 13.

Their charge was to re-imagine Window Shopping using the original tracks as a touchstone, while manipulating each to reflect their particular brand of artistry. Each track is presented in the order of the original recording interpreted and redefined through the imagination of the contributing artist. This remix album is particularly enjoyable because it avoids the remix trap of completely blowing up the original. It’s nuanced rather than diced to pieces; it maintains the heart and charm that made Window Shopping such an endearing album.

Check out: “Love Vibration” (Ian Thistlewaite Remix)

Check out: “Battle Scars” (Pulco Remix)

Stream all of Window Dressing here. Profiles of each contributing artist can be viewed hereWindow Dressing will be released on 25th February 2013 as a free Download, and we’ll be sure to link and feature with a follow up. If you haven’t already, stream and purchase a copy of Window Shopping on Bandcamp.

Consider These

Caveman – “In the City”
from Caveman
out 2 April on Fat Possum
The lead single from their sophomore album, “In the City” has Caveman big timing it on production. The synth driven tune recalls the vocal stylings of Mr. Paul Carrack, but it’s all Caveman.

Grudle Bay – “Running”
Grudle Bay is out of Oxford, England. Started by Nathan Allsworth and Tom Hodges, Grudle Bay recently became a quartet with the addition Tom Dyson and James Pamphlion. “Running” is borderline dream pop with a heavy bass groove. subtle rhythm guitar playing, and clever synth fills. It has the haziness of a late night train ride home from the club, where you’re just trying to keep your head together long enough to get in the door. Check out more from Grudle Bay here.

Knocking Ghost – “Distractions” [free download]
from Distractions EP
released 28 January 2013
“Distractions” starts off as a slow burn, but then emerges as upbeat and mood lightening. Think happy Cold Play, as their vocalist favors Chris Martin. The electronic band, Knocking Ghost, is out of London. Prior to this release Knocking Ghost was known for remixes of Bastille and Erasure. They are offering the Distractions EP as a free download on SoundCloud.

Flamingo – “Watch It Blow” [free download]
Adelaide-based quartet chills it up on “Watch It Blow” apparently using a MicroKorg to knock out the rhythm. They have a few other free tracks on SoundCloud worth checking.

Videos, videos, videos…

Spark Alaska – “Feel the Flowers”
Lorenzo Cook is an American expatriate who grew up in Brussels, returned to the states and is now a student at Syracuse University. He’s eighteen (Alice Cooper riff blares loudly) and “Feel the Flowers” reminds us a little of Mimicking Birds. It’s a lovely, yearning song. Pick it up here.

Depeche Mode – “In Heaven”
from Delta Machine
out 26 March
remember these guys? Now they’re crooning sad songs in churches…

Yo La Tengo – “I’ll Be Around”
from Fade
released 15 January on Matador
Sometimes you’ll be surprised by something or someone you’ve come to know over time. This is one of those occasions.



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