The Morning Mail: 02-Feb-13

Anticipating: Blue Hawaii – “Untogether”


The buzz about Blue Hawaii’s second release is fomenting based on the strength of two previews from the album. The Montreal-based duo indulges in the experimental side of pop with meandering compositions pocked with gripping bits of samples and loops. Raph Standell-Preston’s (also of Braids) hauntingly ethereal vocals hover above chopped up loops of vocals, acoustic guitar, and sundry other sounds to create the hypnotic “Try to Be”.  “In Two” starts off staidly and then flourishes with beats and samples to enchant and hold you by the ears before dissipating. Untogether is set for a March 5th release on Arbutus Records.

“Try to Be”

“In Two”

Consider These

Pond – “Giant Tortoise”
New LP due in 2013 via Modular Recordings
“Giant Tortoise” leans more to psych pop than their 2012 release, Beards Wives Denim, which was seemingly barebones compared to this release. Technical wizardry is the flavor, and it’s moving closer to Tame Impala’s domain. I like it, but I am not happy about closing the gap between Pond and its very popular sister act. Download the single here.

Palma Violets – “Best of Friends”
from 180
out 25 February 2013 
Glorious late punk-inspired music that demands your attention and devotion. It’s like The Clash re-invented for this era.

Moth Rah – “Bambino”
from Girl/Phoenix EP
out 18 February (digital release out now)
Cassandra Solon Parry is Moth Rah, the purveyor of gothic dream pop. Her feathery voice and dark synth tones pervade the eerie, Girl/Phoenix EP. Pay what you want for this release on Bandcamp.



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