The Morning Mail: 31-Jan-13

Discover: Amanaplan


Amanaplan is Manchester-based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Michael J Watson. Watson, A classically trained violinist, uses synths and loops from each instrument to construct his compositions. On his webpage, he admits to having “a strict no guitar policy.” His debut, Something Different, was produced by George Atkins at 80Hz Studios in Manchester. This recording is ripe with imagination, and a clear contribution to the synth pop genre.

Today, we preview two tracks from Something Different. “Much More Than A Man” is a desperately eerie appeal from its protagonist, and one part of the story of about a shapeshifting god who falls in love. The title track is a sonic playground awash with loops of vocals and percussion, grand rivers of synth, and Watson’s strongest track on vocals. His singing is reminiscent of Neil Tennant at times, but with better range and emotive qualities. You can pay what you want for the EP on Bandcamp. I’ve had it on repeat all morning.

“Much More Than A Man”

“Something Different”

Consider These

Fonda – “You’ve Got A Life Of Your Own” [free download]
from Sell Your Memories
out 5 February on Minty Fresh
Second preview track is drenched in sound, recalling late 80s Madchester material. Fonda brings it on this one.

Grizzly Bear – “Gun-Shy”
from Shields
released 18 September 2012
This was tweeted out last night with the claim, “No band members were harmed in the making of this video.” It’s in the same quirky vein of the “Two Weeks” video. It’s directed by Kris Moyes.



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