The New 01.29.13

Arbouretum – Jagged Promises [mp3] (from Coming Out of the Fog, released Jan 15th on Thrill Jockey)
Stoic acid rock reminiscent of labelmates Pontiak.

Gospel Claws – Looming Darkness [mp3] (from Put Your Sunshine Away, out now on Common Wall Media)
Reverb retro rock from Tempe; vocals croon in a ‘standing in the shower’ sort of way (similar to Rosebuds).

B. Durazzo – Catacombs [mp3] (from Beats, Vol. 2, out now available for ‘pay what you like on bandcamp)
Highly fragmented funk from Oakland drum-machine maestro.

TAKKA TAKKA – When You Leave [mp3] (from A.M. Landscapes, out now on)
This has been out since November, but I just realized it.  A.M. Landscapes is the long-awaited follow-up to 2008’s Migration; recorded with Phil Palazzolo (New Pornographers, Okkervil River).


Matmos – Teen Paranormal Romance [mp3] (from The Marriage of True Minds, out Feb. 19th on Thrill Jockey)
A dense and nuanced electronic track from the forthcoming album inspired by a four-year series of ‘para-psychological’ experiments.

Airstrip – Pleasure Center [mp3] (from Willing, out Feb 5th, digitally; March 5th on Holidays for Quince)
From the ruins of triangle indie pop band Veelee comes a new project featuring Matt Park and members of Horseback and Caltrop.  Warm, irreverent, familiar, sheik – looking forward to it.

Kinsky – Conflict Free Diamonds [stream] (from Cosy Moments, out April 2nd on Kill Rock Stars)
Haven’t heard from this Seattle band in a long time; their still a guitar-rock band, pummeling the unsuspecting listener with crunchy chords and soaring riffs.

Bonobo – Cirrus [stream] (from The North Borders, out April 2nd on Ninja Tune)
Sublime & super-chilled electronica.

Four Tet – 0181 [stream/download] (vinyl LP soon)
Bringing to mind the sprawling obscurity of the Beatles experimental track ‘You Know My Name, Look Up the Number’, this surprise release from Four Tet  is a 38 minute continual track, produced by Kieran Hebden between 1997 and 2001 and then compiled 2012.


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