Sunday Ramblings & Considerations


Just a mish-mash of stuff that caught my ears over the past couple of days…

Consider These

Heads on SticksAegypt
released 6 September 2012 via Grip Tapes
Checking back with the Raleigh-based, experimental outfit, and pleasantly surprised that they released an album late last year. It’s chock full of grooves and imaginative compositions that expand on the psych pop genre. Pick it up on Bandcamp.

Jackson Scott – “Sandy”
This artist is from Asheville. Given the location and probable age, one has to surmise that Deerhunter is of some influence. Scott has two other demos available on SoundCloud that are free to download. Get “Sandy” here.

Pascal Pinon – “Ekki Vanmeta”
from Twosomeness
out 5 February (US Release)
The twin sisters from Iceland are prepared to drop their second LP on us, and it’s more DIY bedroom material. There’s a certain charm to these recordings, but one would hope that they would get their butts into a studio and try their hand at that. To some extent it’s like looking at a painting through a sheer curtain, you can make out the bold strokes, but the subtle nuances are blurred too much at times.

Tollens – “Monster” [free download]
from Drowning in a Dream (EP)
available on SoundCloud
I have to admit that I am on a bit of a bedroom recording kit. Must be the ice storm we had yesterday or something. Tollens is Ryan Formosa from Malta. He dwells in the dream pop/experimental genre. If you like this, he has three EPs worth of material that are freely available on SoundCloud.

Videos, videos, videos…

Airstrip – “Magician’s Assistant”
from Willing
out 5 February 2013
NC Triangle area “super group” formed in 2012 playing Hopscotch Fest and opening for Godspeed you! Black Emperor. Former Veelee guitarist MatthewPark formed recruited members from Raleigh-area bands, Horseback, Caltrop, and Gross Ghost to realize his nightmare pop dream. We’ve previewed the album, and were hooked after one spin.

Bonobo – “Cirrus”
from The North Borders
out 2 April on Ninja Tune
Electronic wizard offers this enticing preview with mesmerizing video. It’s a perfect pairing. Get a free download of “Cirrus” here. Video by Cyriak. Pre-order The North Borders here.

Heems – “Soup Boys (Pretty Drones)”
from Wild Water Kingdom
released 14 November 2012 on Greedhead
And this continues to eat my brain… Get the whole sh-bang here.

The Soft Moon – “Circles”
from The Soft Moon
released in 2010
Ever since downloading the show from NYC Taper, I’ve been on a bit of a Soft Moon rage. You may want to avoid this video if you’re prone to migraines.



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