The Morning Mail: 24-Jan-13


Spoek Mathambo – “Let Them Talk” [free download]
from Father Creeper
out 12 March on Sub Pop
The South African artist is a modern-day Wilson Pickett who manipulates technology, while gleefully crossing genres. There is something in here for everyone; it’s such an explosive song.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Let the Day Begin” [free download]
(The Call cover) 
from Specter at the Feast
out 19 March 2013
Great song and a very good cover that doesn’t stray too far from the original. It’s sounds like BRMC, but it has the familiarity of the original. Sometimes a cover can spark a band.

Colleen Green – “Time in the World” [free download click player and follow]
from Sock It To Me
out 19 March on Hardly Art
Remember those days when you sat in your bedroom, pounding on your Casio RAP-1 just dreaming of being an indie pop maven. Colleen Green is living the dream. “Time in the World” is a super chill track with an 8-bit beat and fuzzy synth.

The 1975 – “Chocolate”
from Music for Cars (EP)
out 4 March 2013
The 1975 get back in the studio and keep the groove going. “Chocolate” is a happy, laid back track with chirpy guitars and enticing rhythms.



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