Late Night Dispatches


Worked a long day today, and I am beat. Gotta keep our consecutive day streak alive though, so here’s a few to peep:

Human Machine and Tom Skelly – “Nothing on Me” (free download)
single release from Love Our Records
23 January 2013
Peanut butter in my chocolate stuff… Skelly is a folk-rock artist, Human Machine a beat maestro. The two together are better than expected. Fun track that’s free. Listen-hit replay-listen again. Enjoy! Check out Skelly solo and Human Machine’s other stuff.

Nerves Junior – “Goodnight Nobody”
from Craters (EP)
out 12 February 2013 via Sonablast! Records
Louisville indie rock band is back after their 2011 buzz album, As Bright As Your Night Light.  “Goodnight Nobody” lays back and slowly engulfs you with it’s slow guitar progressions, clever drum fills, and more than complementary bass and synth contributions. I saw a tweet that suggested indie rock doesn’t exist. That’s complete B-S and I present Nerves Junior as evidence.

Dark City – “Cigarette”
from Dark City
released 12 December 2012 
Hendrix was depressed at the thought of Dick Dale dying when he uttered, “You’ll never hear surf music again,” on his legendary “Third Stone From The Sun.” Dale still lives and so does his sound through bands like Dark City. This trio from NYC exhibit the wizardry and technical skill that merits a commendation from the old ‘King of the Surf Guitar.’

Phototaxis – “Fire”
released 12 November 2012
Phototaxis is an electronic-folk act out of Tel Aviv. Fairly surreal videos aren’t surprising for electropop, and this adds fuel to this observation. Lots of odd imagery to complement the peculiar vibe. Pick up more from Phototaxis on Bandcamp, where they have a free catalog of music.



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