The New 01.22.13


Criminal Hygiene – Rearrange Me [mp3] (from CRMNL HYGNE, released Jan 15th)
Los Angeles garage-rockers produce a seamless blend of the rough and the smooth that would make Paul Westerberg smile.

No – What’s Your Name [mp3] (7” single out now on White Iris Records)
Another L.A. band from the inbox; NO are superb song-crafters, producing songs with flow and depth (similar to Interpol).  Drummer Mike Walker lays down a tasteful amalgamation of toms, high hat, snare, and cymbals that provides a beautiful topography for echoing guitar and the silky baritone of Hanan Cartre.  They have a 6-song EP available on bandcamp (name your price); Keep your eyes peeled for a full length (coming soon).

Reuben and the Dark – Shoulder Blade [mp3] (single released in October to promote new album Man Made Lakes, out January 20th)
High refinement and nuanced texture are the hallmarks of mellow-wave indie rockers Reuben (Bullock) and the Dark.  The single ‘shoulder blade’ is an excellent example of their sound.

La Luz – Sure as Spring [mp3] (from Damp Face EP, out now)
Seattle surf rock.

Bergen – Wakeup [mp3] (from debut album Bergen EP, released Jan 2013)
Italian dream pop that takes its name from a west coast Norwegian city; subtle jangle with a hint of Grizzly Bear in the vocals; available for $1 or more on bandcamp and downloadable on soundcloud.

Moxi – Terrible Disguise [mp3] (from In My Dreams EP, out Feb 12th)
Sunny indie pop featuring the magnificent vocals of Anna Nelson and the Suzuki Omnichord.

Tera Melos – Tropic Lame [mp3] (from X’ed Out, out April 16th on Sargent House)
Sacramento indie with “psychedelic pop energy” and deceptively simple arrangements.

Nightlands – ‘So Far So Long’ and ‘I Fell In Love with a Feeling’ (from Oak Island, out today on Secretly Canadian)
David Hartley plays bass for War on Drugs; in his solo guise Nightlands, he pines for love and youth amid layers of peppy soft rock instrumentation that is both tasteful and imaginative (in the spirit of recent efforts by Destroyer and Jens Lekman).  Disappointed that doesn’t have this yet.

Watch: ‘I Feel In Love with a Feeling’


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