The Morning Mail: 22-Jan-13


Bells Atlas – “Video Star”
Single, self-release
Out of Oakland with ‘a little bit of Berkeley’, Bells Atlas fuses hip hop, afropop, and soul music using lots of percussion and harmonies. If the girls from the Dirty Projectors ever left David Longstreth, it might sound like this. Purchase the single on iTunes. Check out more Bells Atlas on Bandcamp.

The Disraeli Gears – “Hieroglyphs”
Single on Bandcamp
released 21 January 2013
The Disraeli Gears are unsigned quartet out of London/Leeds and “Hieroglyphs” is their second single. There’s an improvisational feel to this track, as it cycles through different chord patterns and changes in instrument emphasis. Fronted by Teia Fregona, the band cites St. Vincent, Jeff Buckley, and Pink Floyd as influences. Pay what you want for “Hieroglyphs” on Bandcamp. While you’re there, consider grabbing a free download of their first single, “Skeleton.”

Heems (Himanshu Suri) – “Soup Boys (Pretty Drones)” produced by Lushlife
from Wild Water Kingdom (mixtape)
released 14 November 2012 on Greedhead
One of my favorites (and current jam) from the former Das Racist emcee. You can pick up the entire mixtape here for free.

Wilhelm & The Dancing Animals – “Finisterre”
from The War of the Species
released 24 April 2012 on Origami
The indie band out of Pamplona, Spain unleashes a new video today. Filmed on a Super-8 camera, “Finisterre” is happy, rhythmic folk-pop. Wilhelm & The Dancing Animals have a knack for creating big-hearted, multi-instrument recordings that you can’t help wanting to hear again. Pick up a copy of The War of the Species here.

Shugo Tokumaru – “Katachi”
from In Focus?
out today on Polyvinyl
“Katachi” is yet another ebullient, polyrhythmic offering from Tokumaru, who also includes a musical saw to his repertoire. The video is a fantastic use of stop-motion with styrofoam cutouts providing the animation. Mr. Tokumaru, you now have fans in my children (as well as me), who asked to watch this video three consecutive times. This album is out today! Go get it!

Loplop – “Time” (Acoustic in studio performance)
from the show “Two Days in the Life of Castellón”
Simple is sometimes better: an endearing performance that really captures Sara Ledesma’s sweet soprano while Omar Ballester multi-tasks the rhythm. Check out more Loplop on Bandcamp.

We’d like to provide special recognition to our friend, Fernando, who runs the Facebook blog, “Quiet Gigs for Restless Minds”, for his suggestions (which, more often than not, we love).



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